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What is the Average Software Developer Salary Around in 2022

With over 5.7 million IT professionals, Eastern Europe doesn’t offer just a high number of candidates. In fact, Eastern Europe has the highest female participation in tech-related events and job positions. For example, in Albania, 33% of tech positions are occupied by women, and Lithuania and Romania follow with 28%. When you think of technology you will most likely picture Silicon Valley in your mind.

  • Also, the platform they use to communicate with candidates and the timeframes of search (if there’s little time recruiters have, it will cost more) have to be paid for.
  • This average has a wide range because Poland is one of the most expensive countries in Eastern Europe for software development outsourcing, which can slightly skew the results.
  • Luckily, there are shorter paths that are cheaper and are equally valued in the current job market.
  • These numbers create an enormous gap in hiring software engineers, despite the fact that tech giants are paying above-market salaries.
  • In turn, higher education institutions graduate an average of 16.2 thousand bachelors in IT specialties each year.
  • You, however, need to spend the first few years honing your talent and abilities to contribute effectively to the team and raise to average software engineering salaries.

The total cost, including taxes and benefits, can range from$85kto$148kper year on an annual salary. The industry is skyrocketing, and software development services are growing in demand. Let’s analyze our data for offshore software development rates comparison to understand them better.

Latin America

According to our LinkedIn research, Ukraine has about3Ksenior developers,3Kmiddle-level engineers, and more than2Kjunior specialists working with this programming language. If you are a product tech company seeking an effective and safe way to scale up abroad, you should consider partnering with a professional IT recruitment company. By getting a dedicated engineering team, you’ll retain full control over your software development and expenses, have direct communication with developers, and protect your IP rights. One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing is that you may stop paying salaries as the project is over. The team may be temporarily, and you don’t have to worry about the office space for them.

eastern europe software engineer salary

The Czech Republic has been impacted by inflation this year sooooo badly. According to Yahoo news, the Czech Rep is the 4th most affected country in Europe as of August 2022. The living cost in Prague was supposed to be cheaper than in major cities in Western Europe . I don’t feel that Prague is an affordable place to live in even by Western standards.

How Did Offshore Software Development Rates Change Over the Last Year?

It is smaller in territory and population but still has something to offer for the IT development in the region. So, what’s going on with the salaries of IT professionals in Ukraine? Of course, there may be other minor factors that influence employee salary, but these are rather dependent on every single company’s rules and policies. Fortunately, English is the working language ofmore than 71%of Bulgarian software companies. If a freelancer refuses to sign an agreement, it’s better to skip this candidate. As a rule, companies have profiles on Clutch and other websites to check the reviews.

eastern europe software engineer salary

Eastern Europe is a happy medium where you can hire high-quality offshore developers with lower rates without compromising the quality of the product. The region is well-known for its density of software developers with an impressive 1.3 developers per 100 people. Currently, the IT industry in the region has about 1 million software developers in Eastern Europe, making it a lucrative software development outsourcing destination. However, you must be careful when choosing a country to outsource software development services.

Why developers in Eastern Europe earn less than in the US

But how much do developers actually earn in different countries? We decided to check it out and wrote this article for people who are considering hiring a remote developer and need to know how much it will cost them. Programming language developers aim at reducing development effort – as a result, newer languages like GoLang will be easier to learn, and the workforce will eventually be cheaper. Most projects still use technically demanding languages like C++ – such a technology choice contributes to the project budget. While the internet is flooded with many articles trying to answer these questions, only a few of them will give you a solid, quantitative answer. Extensive NDAs- A trusted offshore software development company always creates comprehensive documentation & NDAs to ensure code security at all times.

Bill rate and pay rate are terms often used in the context of freelance or contract work. Often overlooked, some Middle East/Northern African countries have made remarkable progress to earn a spot on the top 44 places to find competent developers. Hybrid Hiring Model- This is a combination model suitable for projects with a large scope for development and management requiring resources based on milestones. Fill Talent Gap – Hire a software engineer who is the right fit for your organization in terms of experience, knowledge, and budget with ease.

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A middle-level software developer earns about $3K a month, and the annual remuneration for such programmers adds up to $35K. The entry-level salary for a software developer in Ukraine starts at $1.1K a month and can reach up to $2.2 K, which amounts to $13-22K a year. average javascript developer salary Ukraine continues to be a sweet spot for software development outsourcing, offering the best price to quality ratio. If you are planning to hire a Ukrainian programmer, you should know that the average developer salary in Ukraine ranges between $2K and $5K a month.

According toIBIS World research, the industry grows by 3.1% yearly. Australia is another software development destination that has raised popularity but can hardly overcome the popularity of the US, Europe, and even Asia. The matter is that Australian time zones are very specific for European and American countries. On average,78%of this pay is the net salary, with the remaining22%representing taxes and benefits. In terms of compensation, San Francisco offered the highest front-end developer salary at $118,583, despite New York leading in the number of vacancies for the same position. The findings of a recent Zippia survey also ranked Washington as the best city for front-end developers to work and live in 2022, thanks to the moderate standard of living.

Software Development Cost in Ukraine

The Netherlands is also an excellent destination for most software engineers for a good annual salary. The average software developer’s salary here is €67,293 per year in a city like Amsterdam. Further, software engineers in the Netherlands area get an additional cash compensation of €9,419, ranging from €1,280 to €36,611. Additionally, demand for software engineers here is high, and the country pays its IT professionals a handsome average developer salary of £70,000 for seasoned experts. The salary of an entry-level programmer will be significantly lower than that of a senior developer.

eastern europe software engineer salary



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